PoE Orbs is often a currency item that may be utilized to enhance a piece of different equipment using a new random affix. Exalted Orbs are the high-value currency that plays a critical part in the in-game economy. Their principal purpose will be to craft rare high-end items. Due to this, it's regarded because the "gold standard" currency for trading among players, with many trade bargains listed with regards to Exalted Orbs. In this guide we will update more ways help you make more poe orbs.

Divination Cards

This option is suitable for those who spend most of the time farming a specific pool of cards. As soon as you select the appropriate divination card and map, these cards will have to be cleared more than a dozen, or even hundreds of times. Especially if these are rare and expensive cards, they are unlikely to fall after two or three maps. Divination card drop depends on item quantity bonus, so you should use chisels on your maps to maximize the bonus and so that the card has at least 75+ overall item quantity bonus.

In addition, it is advisable to use sextants with good bonuses, prophecies, master mission and Zana map device mods. Divination Scarabs will give a tangible bonus, but they are not cheap. Therefore, what to use from this list is up to you, because using it all at once, and all the more constantly, may end up being unprofitable if nothing worthwhile falls on maps.


Make sure that you try to trading them in bulk so that you can get the highest amount of currency. Try a different method and choose what really works for you.

Make sure that you do not finish any maps from T10 to T13 maps unless you required these map to be completed for the Shaper's Orb. In case you have eliminated the boss on the map, that map could fall in the relevant level category, even if the player has not finished the atlas bonus.

Finish all the T16 bonus maps. The user can purchase completions if you are incapable of completing them. You can find the completion seller in the trader 820 section.

You may also utilize the Cartographer's seals in Estuary, High gardens and Colonnade maps, after you succeed in making their shaper orbs in the game.

The user can also finish all the T14 and 15 maps to get more and more atlas bonus. OR the user can also drop them without completion, and shape the T9 and ten into T14 and 15 in order to drop the shaped variants of only those tiers. There are various other variations that the user can do.

Try to finish all the bonuses for T1 to T9 maps.

Make sure to get at least one Shaper's Orb in order to shape Tiers 5 to 8.


One of the best ways to accumulate currency is to simply keep doing low tier maps while focusing on selling complete sets of unidentified equipment for the 2c vendor recipe. The reasons why this is effective are several:

You can have an overleveled character with item rarity/quantity gear that will clear the area pretty easily without any drop rate penalties;

In theory the 2 regal recipe is worth more than the 2c one, but in practice you'll probably have to do a 1:1 rate if you want to sell them fast;

Although the idea of finding that dream 20ex kitchen knife or any other high price equipment may sound appealing, PoE's drop system works very much like a lottery, this meaning that one of these items will most likely drop in the league, but most likely it won't be for you;

Good-but-not-so-good rare items are hard to sell even when undercutting the prices, you'll probably just end up with whole stashes of rare items that won't sell;

Currency drop rate does not increase in higher tier maps;

When running the maps you should always use an Orb of Alchemy on them, at the very least you'll get you alchemy back in drops and most of the time you'll profit.

To maximize your gains, you should do as often as possible maps that drop high value divination cards. These may change from league to league, so you should take a quick look at PoE's wiki.

Although this may be a little obvious, you should do the labyrinths inside the maps, as they drop offerings, which sell for around 4~6c each.

You should get a good item filter before starting farming and keep your eyes open for items that sell for the 7x Jeweller's Orb and 1x Chromatic Orb recipes.

Don't identify any maps you find, since you get a bonus in item rarity and quantity for doing an unidentified map.


There are few items that are really worth putting for trade and, as said above, it helps a lot if you can get a premium stash tab for doing this. Mainly you should trade:

High value divination cards: you should check the price on poe trade and possibly undercut depending on volume;

High value uniques: same as above. If an unique is only selling for 1fus/alch or 1c you're better off just vendoring it;

Quality gems: the ones that are worth trading are the ones with at least 10~13%. As a rule of thumb you should ask for 1c per point of quality, but this may vary from skill to skill and you may want to do a lower price to attract buyers for a quick sale. You should keep the low quality ones for the GCP recipe; If you are lack of poe currency, i recommend you Buy PoE Currency https://www.igvault.com/POE-Currency will be an option that you can't miss, and it will provide safe and cheap POE Currency for you to play better in the game.