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MsDossary states that defensive midfielders should cover centre and cut passes'. This will increase their ability to prevent the ball from reaching the forwards of your opponent. "Defensive midfielders need to 'cover centre' and 'cut passing lanes'," says MsDossary.This will increase their effectiveness at preventing the ball from hitting the opponent's forwards.MsDossary is also clear that there should be at minimum five or six players available to defend at all times.Tactical masterclass.In your defensive set-up, it is important to ensure that your tactics are in line with the style you prefer to play.Some players will like to employ the drop back' defensive style, but not MsDossary. He says he prefers to play with a balanced approach. "I prefer to have high levels of depth which is why five is a good number, and four is good." ""If your defense isn't efficient, you could drop back to three depth, or maybe four. If your opponents are dropping low, it might be easier for them to keep the ball in their hands and also increase the pressure.

MsDossary states: "When I have a high-definition, I like to be able to get my opponent to move and that's my style of play and this is what I like to do. "Setting up your pre-planned strategies before the game can also have a major impact on the game because it allows you to switch tactics easily if something is not working. "If you're losing by 2-0 at half-time and aren't pressing enough, try pressure on heavy touch or 'press following a loss of possession'. "This year, pressing is extremely efficient, so I suggest applying it. Also, if you are in the 70th minute and then losing, 'constant pressure' is the key," MsDossary advises.

"Whatever you guys feel comfortable with, I recommend following your own preference. I suggest you go with whatever tactics and style you are at ease.

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