With the continuous development of New World, the choice of weapons in the game is also constantly changing. In the game, each player's character can carry any two weapons at once. Therefore, there has been a lot of disputes among players as to which two weapons is the best combination.

In the game, how to make the character Attribute become stronger after scaling is the most critical factor for the player to choose the weapon combination. After many experiments, here are Cheap New World Coins two very useful weapon combinations: Spear, Bow and Life Staff, Sword And Shield.

If you want to build a Barbarian, a Survivalist, or a Trapper, so that they can break new ground in the wilderness of Aeternum, you can equip them with the most basic weapons, Spear and Bow. Because they have many things in common in terms of attributes, their main attributes can share Dexterity.

Since Bow only relies on Dexterity, the player can freely allocate some points for it in terms of extra power. However, Dexterity is a secondary attribute of Spear, which can be used to increase Spear's damage ability.

There is no concept of class in New World, so players no longer need to hesitate between Taking and Healing. Because this is New World Coins where Life Staff needs to pay attention, players can freely allocate some points on Strength, while also providing main scores for sword and shield.

This combination can help you create your favorite builds and use them in the game. In addition, if a single player wants to get some healing abilities in PvE content, choosing this combination is also very good.

In general, there are many combinations of the two weapons, so you need to match them according to your preferences and the needs of the game. Of course, if players want to pursue the strongest abilities, they need to use a lot of New World Coins to upgrade them in the process. And NewWorldCoins is a professional seller of New World Coins. They have always sold a lot of cheap New World Coins. If you need them, you can buy them from them.