New Jordans Release 2021 After reading the picture on the foot, are you moving? North Carolina Air Jordan 6 is on sale! As one of the most appealing color schemes in the Air Jordan camp, every sale of UNC North Carolina Blue makes it difficult for AJ's diehard players to resist. Not only represents the classic tones of Jordan's college years, but also evolved into a unique color totem for AJ sneakers. As one of the most appealing colors of the Air Jordan sneaker family, every appearance of North Carolina UNC has aroused the pursuit of hardcore AJ players.
Next, the North Carolina New Jordan 6 UK "UNC", which has skipped tickets for more than half a year, is about to debut. The overall color scheme is similar to the Air Jordan 6 "Carmine". The toe and the surroundings are complemented by North Carolina blue frosted leather, and the frame and details of the shoe body are complemented by white. The overall visual experience is quite refreshing. The design of the shoe tongue is similar to the geometric texture of Air Jordan 7, and the outer layer is covered with translucent rubber material, which has a hazy fogging effect, which is very special. The light blue jelly outsole is matched with a black midsole line partition, followed by the Jumpman Team label, which is the standard for university color matching in recent years, continuing the tradition of the previous university color matching market specifications!
Recently, the effect of the upper foot has emerged on the Internet, and the bright North Carolina color visual creation is quite refreshing, and there is almost no threshold for daily wear, and it is very handsome. The release date that everyone cares about is now officially on sale. The price is $99. If you are interested, please don't miss it!
Air Jordan 6 “UNC”
Item No.: CT8529-410