The second statistic is based OSRS GP on the ammunition you use and is also boosted through the necklace of Anguish and Avas Device. Therefore, if you wish to increase your accuracy, you'll need to put on better tools and weapons, and if you'd like to make more shots, make sure you have better ammunition (apart from the leveling up of course).

When training Ranged skill you will be using the thrown weapon, crossbows, Salamanders and bows. Chinchompas and other weaponry that will allow you to take out your adversaries from a distance. In this guide I'll split it into three sections based on the level of your current level of experience.

The most crucial item in every archer equipment is his backpack companion called Ava's Device. This device automatically takes weapons from the ground for you. If you're thinking of leveling Ranged skills and using expensive ammunition, this item is a must-have.

Ava's Devices come with the greatest bonuses for Ranging skill, which is the most common of equipment for cape slots. They can save you money and time through automatic pickups, and they can also bring in random items to your inventory. You can obtain this item through the completion of Animal Magnetism quest which requires completion the Priest In Peril, Ernest the Chicken and the Restless Ghost quests. Additionally, you'll need levels 18 Slayer 19 Crafting, level 18 Slayer, 30 Ranged and 35 Woodcutting. There are three different tools that you can acquire.

Avas Attractor - If you have runescape gold 2007 a lower level than 50 in your Ranged skill you will receive this one as a reward for the quest. This piece of equipment automatically picks up 60% of your ammunition. About 20% is broken (which is standard for all types of ammunition) and the remaining 20 percent of it remains on the floor. It adds 2 points for accuracy at range.