Although the New World team is currently on vacation most of the time, there are still issues to be resolved in the new year. With New World Coins replication and server consolidation incidents that have occurred in the past few weeks, and more consolidations and updates are coming, many issues remain to be resolved.

The topic of Regional Transfers appeared from the beginning, when the demand was overwhelming. Amazon has doubled the number of servers, and if players start using servers with a small population, they promise to transfer them for free later. It was then revealed that the promised server transfer only applies to the same region, but a large thread was established on a forum supported by community managers and developers.

In early December, the thread was closed and they were notified that they could try two possible solutions to deal with Regional Transfers. Because one of the questions raised to the community is whether they prefer options based on delivery speed or wait longer but have more New World Gold. Players are not yet sure which option they should accept.

Amazon is currently working on a near-term solution that will take players to the areas they want to enter (although home ownership will be affected). Work is underway, and Amazon estimates that the solution will be launched in early 2022. Although there are still some problems in the current game, New World is still a popular MMORPG game for players, and they are actively trying various methods to obtain New World Gold so that they can upgrade faster in the game.