According to reliable sources, Lost Ark is a Korean MMO developed to the West through Amazon Game Studio. Its western version was announced during this year's E3 2021 summer game festival. The new game launched by Amazon Game Studios is a top-down MMO role-playing game, scheduled to be launched in early 2022, and players can play for free. For the latest news about Lost Ark, welcome to

Players will be able to participate in a dark fantasy story in Lost Ark, where they use swords and guns when fighting large beasts. It certainly seems to include many creatures that can cause a lot of damage, including dragons. The official website has detailed that the player is part of Arkesia. The world has seen Kazeros, a demon defeated by a relic called Ark.

Although players can explore the open world continents and oceans, they will also participate in PvP battles, battles, and raids. Lost Ark promises easy-to-learn features and instant-to-play actions. There is a tripod system with three levels of customization, so players can define their character's abilities and how they fight with ARPG-style battles.

It also seems to include a bunch of extra world content, such as non-combat skills to learn, crafts to do, guilds to join, and social systems. Lost Ark will be a free game, so everyone can try the game. Players from all over the world will be able to participate in this game freely for the first time on February 11, 2022. Players can visit MMOWTS to learn more details.