Lost Ark is Amazon's next MMO, coming next month. There's now a new gameplay intro trailer that quickly shows how the newest MMO on PC is different from other MMOs and shows new players the gameplay of Lost Ark.

While Lost Ark came to regions like South Korea a few years ago, it was snapped up by Amazon for distribution in the U.S. and Europe last year. However, this may not be what most MMO fans expect, as it leans more towards Diablo-like action. By the way,  https://www.mmowts.com/lost-ark-gold offers all players the cheapest Lost Ark Gold.

While it did get a closed playable beta late last year, there's no doubt that there are still plenty of people who don't know what Lost Ark is all about. However, a new "gameplay introduction" trailer has been released, which gives the most succinct look at how this Lost Ark game actually plays.

Although the video is only five minutes long, it showcases all the different character classes and their abilities, isometric Diablo gameplay, unique skill systems, and more. There's even an introduction to the world of Arkesia and the general narrative of Lost Ark. The trailer gives new players a quick look at the game ahead of Lost Ark's release on February 11. For the latest on Lost Ark, visit MMOWTS.