New World's player count has dwindled since its launch, but it's undeniably still one of the most popular MMORPGs out there. A large player base continues to find new secrets in the game and collect more New World Gold from it.

A Reddit user shared their latest discovery. In Ebonscale Reach, players can face a secret enemy named Serenity Maiden Liu, but finding him is not easy. To summon this enemy, players need to complete a series of quests and earn New World Gold to solve puzzles. As detailed by the Redditor, here's what they needed to do to start their encounter.

The fight with Serenity Maiden Liu wasn't the most difficult, and level 60 enemies didn't drop anything game-changing. If players want to experience everything the game has to offer, they need to confront her at some stage. Players need to collect New World Gold to quickly improve their character strength before confrontation, so as not to be disadvantaged in battle.

The discovery of this new enemy has fans questioning what other secret enemies lie around the map. It is likely that there is more content yet to be found, which will give players some room to explore before new content is added in the future. Earlier this week, New World got its first update for 2022. 

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