How have you met your Fiance?

We both visited Clemson, however, the funny thing was, we didn't know each other there in school. Brian is three years older than I am, but he stayed to go to grad school, so for that four years I was there, he seemed to be there for three of these. We both went to live in Charleston shortly thereafter, and also met at a mutual friends' wedding.

Tell us concerning the proposal!!

It was sweet - mostly because looking back, I could see all of the hard work that Brian put in it to make it special-he knew just how I would need it As you can probably infer in the statement above, we're both pretty big Clemson fans. We both visited a school there, and I was raised in Clemson too. We're heading as much as the town for that weekend for any football game, and Brian proposed on my small parents' back patio on the fire and 2 glasses of wine. What's better still, is the fact that both of our families were hiding out nearby ready to celebrate around, and that he had coordinated wonderfully our best friends in the future into town for any big party that night. It was awesome- among the best nights yet!

How have you chosen the place for your wedding?

Ever since I would be a little girl, I know I wanted to obtain married within the church I was raised in. It's beautiful, and I have just always imagined walking on the aisle to express "I Do." Brian made the option pretty easy, while he might even love the city of Clemson a lot more than I do. We knew we wanted to obtain married within the spring, where we're able to take advantage of the beautiful weather not-too-hot temperatures.

How have you decided on your bridesmaid's dresses? Tell us about your experience at FeelTimes!

I had designed my color palette and scheme when I arrived to put on dresses (With my maid and matron of honor beside me), and FeelTimes is great that helped me to narrow on the choices towards the matte satin bridesmaid dresses. It was gorgeous on all my maids and I thought the color just made the marriage.

Who designed your wedding dress? Where have you got it?

My gown was a feeltimes dress, and I loved it. It was among those moments where I arrived on the scene in it, and also the look on both my mom and sister's faces said "That's It."

What was your preferred part from the day?

The excitement and anticipation from the whole day are fun. I loved preparing all day wonderful my favorite people, however, the excitement to spread out the doors and walk on the aisle to determine my groom was like not one other feeling. And his face once I reached him at the end of the aisle is a that I won't ever forget-so special.

What inspired you whenever you were planning your special day?

Just understanding that this would be a once-in-a-lifetime party that people were throwing for all the people we like most and that people wanted them -and ourselves- to savor it immensely.

What advice have you got for other brides?

Enjoy the look as much as you can- and do not sweat the little stuff! I know it is so much easier said than can be done, but once that special day nears, the little details don't appear to matter just as much, and also you realize on a special day that things are indeed perfect, regardless of what!