Choose OSRS GP to wear blue D'hide rather. After that , every 10 levels shift to the next level which are black and red. If you're still able to spend money at 70 Ranged/Defence you can start to wear Armadyl, one of the top Range gears in the game. The best part is the price as you'll have to pay almost 100mil to get full set. When it comes to gloves you must always put on the best Vambraces you have the option of putting on. when you've completed Recipe for Disaster quest you may also acquire Barrows gloves which are best in the slot.

Cape - Ava's device is always the best option since it can significantly increase your ranged stats, and also take advantage of bows, bolts and weapons. You can unlock it with Animal Magnetism quest. When you reach 50 Ranged, you'll receive Ava's Attractor , which later is upgraded by Ava NPC and upgraded to the Accumulator. Once you've completed Dragonslayer 2 quest you can obtain Ava's Assembler, which is the best Ranged cape item found in the game.

Helmet - In the beginning you should begin with Cowl that you can change at level 10 to Coif. At level 30 use Snakeskin Bandana. From 45 you can wear Archers Helm, but it will require some quests prior to you can do that.

Next stop is at level 70. There is Karil Coif which has the potential to degrade as an item equipment. You might also aim straight at your Armadyl Helmet which is more expensive but not requiring repairs. Be sure to wear imbued Slayer Helmets when you are on Slayer task which will be more effective than any other helmet listed on this list.

Boots - Beginning at the level of 30, you can wear Snakeskin boots. At 70 , switch to God D'hide boots and if you're wealthy, you can purchase Pegasian boots for the most comfortable in slot footwear.

Necklace - Choice on buy rs 3 gold this subject is simple as there are only three options. There is the first option, Amulet of Glory which is good and cheap all around neck-slot item. Additionally, you have Amulet of Fury that is much more expensive but more suitable. Finally, you can purchase Necklace of Anguish that is the most effective for the slot, however it needs 75 levels in Hitpoints and is also quite a bit. Ring - For the ring slot there aren't many viable options and you should consider purchasing an Archers rings if you can afford one.