You could also Chin or Chin, but OSRS gold I would not recommend Chinning until 80+. A trip to Yaks can be good exp/hr. The best is around 40k moment, most likely. But it's possible to push it a bit. There are lots of bots available. I've not tried Fire Giants though. I've seen lots of users doing it every time I was given a job to do the same. Therefore, it's probably okay.

Aviansies are a great income generator and an okay exp. But I'm also afraid like Yaks that they're beginning to see a lot of bots. I hope I've helped. Range is possibly one of my weaker CB Skills on which to focus my training on.

In about one month, I'll be able to and play Frost Dragons (85 Dungeoneering). In about 3 months I'll be able to complete 100 Dungeoneering (6 chaotics). I was wondering if I should give myself 2 years (maxing out, etc.) and then join an Nexing team equipped with professional gear, heck, maybe on my own if it's possible, or you could give me one year to get CLOSE, or, heck, maybe evenmax out by playing Frost Dragons or Frost Dragons, and I'd also be able of having an ely following roughly 1 year.

I'm not entirely sure what to do though, and, really I'm just looking for a priority. I'm done with PvPing until Jagex can fix the PJ system PvM is what I'll continue to play.

I've seen the soak-related damage I've seen the soak damage - and it's not amusing to me. The main reason I'm in the direction of Elysian. (14 percent soak -200. E.g., 300 hit can only be soaked 14 dmg. ;_:D 14% Soak is the "20 20 percent soak" according to buy rs3 gold what it says in the KB.