At the start of the game, players will encounter the Lost Ark Powerpass. Whenever the player starts the game and is on the character selection screen at the bottom of the left screen, a yellow Powerpass button will appear. If the player is curious enough and decides to click the button, a new window pops up with an explanation. Follow MMOWTS for the latest news from Lost Ark.

During this playtest, if the player completes the main story with one character, the player gets a Power Pass, a mechanic that instantly upgrades the player's second character to level 50 and gives it the proper gear. This helps the Lost Ark Gold For Sale player try the end game with another class.

That way they can decide which playstyle they prefer, and potentially lock in the class they'll play when the game finally launches. Given the short beta period, Powerpass will be available to adventurers during the closed beta. This is to aid the rapid progression of alt characters so that users can enjoy content of various classes.

When players complete the main quest from North Vern, a Vern Powerpass token will be offered via in-game mail. Only one Powerpass is provided per account. Adventurer's Path can be activated immediately after using the alternate character's Powerpass. For more information on Lost Ark, visit MMOWTS.

This feature compresses the level 10 - 50 clips of the alt character, the story told by Beatrice. It will guide the player through the basics and progression specific to the player's class, allowing the player to re-experience the content through that character. Completing the Adventurer's Path quest chain will equip the player's character with equipment appropriate to the Vern content.