In New World, players aren't bound by the usual limitations of other MMORPGs when it comes to classes and occupations, with most characters cutting, digging, and collecting all the resources they can. However, all of this would have to be stored somewhere, which would be a problem. Because New World uses a primitive colonial environment. It doesn't have the fancy civilized stuff like a bank.

The Recall Point Method is the easiest and cheapest method, but it is contextual. It only works if the player wants to move the stash from one city to another where they have set recall points or own houses. Characters simply pick up what they need and teleport back to their recall point in a hotel or private residence. This method of fast travel is free.

Recall points have a cooldown and players can buy them with Azoth, but if players have any spare Azoth they may want to keep it for this type of travel. Transfer Points are another way to fast travel, and players can find them in settlements and throughout the Wilderness. They use Azoth as currency, and the more players carry, the more expensive the New World Coins trip will be.

The Faction Advantage Method is a form of storage transfer for a fee. Players can transfer items between their storage sheds or chests to their storage spaces in other settlements, provided the faction they belong to also controls both settlements. Even so, each transfer incurs a cost associated with gold, depending on the amount transferred, and greater weight means more expensive fees.

A handy drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of each storage screen displays the name of each settlement along with the symbol of the faction that currently controls it. If they can, they will be prompted to pay a fee to bring the item to local storage immediately. If players are worried about missing  New World Gold in the game, NewWorldCoins will solve all your worries, they are ready to offer players the cheapest New World Coins.