Grinding Gear Games has announced the reveal of Path of Exile's next big expansion. Patch 3.17 will be shown on Twitch on January 27th at 11AM PST and will be released on PC on February 4th (PT). Check out the latest trailer, and players can see more exciting content.

Based on events in Siege of the Atlas introducing Maven as the new end-game boss, it seems other Eldritch demons are on their way. It remains to be seen how difficult the new boss will be, considering she's still a kid at heart and is the toughest challenge in the game. Players can POE Items Buy to get related weapons and equipment to deal with various dangerous challenges.

The Path of Exile 3.17 expansion pack adds its own mechanics and rewards, as well as new skill gems, loot, and quality of life improvements. Of course, players can also expect various boosts and nerfs to abilities, just like the way other leagues in Path of Exile are handled. Stay tuned for more details on all of this in the coming weeks. Alright, that's all I know about Path of Exile 3.17.

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