In the original TBC, the Horde would only fight against Alliance members, as players queuing to enter the battlefield could only face off against members of the opposing faction. But in WOW TBC Classic, Blizzard needs to enable battlegrounds of the same faction to balance the queue time. While TBC Classic has long held the feature, the huge difference in queue times for Horde and Alliance players has always been an issue.

On the alliance side, players can queue up to enter any battleground and jump right into the game. But for clan members, queue times have steadily increased to the point that most BGs have wait times of an hour or more. This gives Horde players a very bad gaming experience. The huge difference in queue times between the two factions has to do with the number of players queued on both sides.

With many Horde players frustrated by not being able to play, Blizzard decided to try a potential fix. Starting July 2, Blizzard is enabling BG matchmakers to match members of the same TBC Classic Gold faction with each other. While Blizzard said in an official post that it will prioritize players against members of the opposing faction, it won't force a large number of Horde players to wait for a few Alliance players.

If quick matches from opposing factions are not possible, players will play against teams from their own faction. At the same time, the game will distribute the honor, prestige and other rewards obtained by the player as usual. Additionally, this change will extend to queues in Warsong Gulch, Eye of the Storm, and Arathi Basin. Due to the number of faction-specific NPCs involved, the Alterac Valley queue will remain the only battleground between the Horde and the Alliance.

If all goes well, queues in the same camp will likely become permanent fixtures relatively quickly. This means that players should accumulate a large amount of  WOW TBC Classic Gold in advance to strengthen themselves quickly, and more WOW TBC Gold will give players a greater advantage. And MMOWTS is currently selling TBC Classic Gold at the cheapest price on the market, welcome to visit!