The Grinding Gear Games team has plans for early 2022 and say they are aiming for the next expansion of the free-to-play ARPG, called Siege of the Atlas, on February 4. This inevitably means the current Scourge will be extended. Because the developers estimate that this will be much slower than their normal expansion release cadence.

The team also pointed out that, as usual, the Siege of the Atlas expansion will be announced via livestream before it goes live. Additionally, they said the reason for the delay was to give the New Zealand studio staff some time. So from the current point of view, players who want to collect Currency had better buy POE Currency at POECurrency in advance.

Some players have been asking the Grinding Gear Games team when they expect to begin early testing of the experimental mode tentatively called hard mode. The team at GGG doesn't have exact information about the mode, other than that they are prioritizing the development of 3.17, so the mode is now slated for sometime after 3.17's release.

If players are looking for something to get them through the holidays, there are a few quests you can try to complete in the existing expansion, especially the more difficult ones. Because the rewards they bring are often very high, players can harvest a large amount of POE Currency so that they can gain an advantage in subsequent games. 

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