Path of Exile's newest league, Archnemesis, finally has word after a two-week delay, and it's coming to PC on February 4th, along with the new Siege of the Atlas expansion. This is undoubtedly great news for Path of Exile fans, who are already gearing up for it. Secondly, if players want to know more details, please pay attention to the latest news announced on January 27.

Grinding Gear Games is gearing up to unveil the next big endgame expansion for its free action RPG Path of Exile on January 27th at 11AM PST via Twitch. It looks like Siege of the Atlas will have a new boss and a revamp of the current map system, along with a new Challenge League launch.

In a new trailer, the developers confirmed the league is called Archnemesis, and the trailer shows a multi-armed statue wearing a horned skull mask. In the next live stream, the development team will bring more details about this expansion and the usage of POE Currency. For now, players can continue to play Path of Exile 3.16 Scourge and collect as much POE Currency as possible in the game.

Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas will be available on PC on February 4 (PST) and on consoles on February 9. The last major league, Scourge, won't be added to the core game when the new expansion goes live. It may come back sometime in the future, though. So, players can try to buy POE Currency in POECurrency to play more smoothly after the new league is launched.

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