The currency system in Path of Exile focuses on a selection of various orbs and scrolls. Each PoE Currency item offers a particular function in the crafting, and also enhancement of a character’s equipment, or permitting restructuring of the character’s passive skill tree in the case of the Orb of Regret.

Here are some ways to get Poe currency in Path of Exile:

Flipping items

Buying items off the trade market, then selling them for a higher price - usually in bulks. It’s really boring but it’s profitable especially if you have loads of currency already.


Farming maps and running them properly is another sure way of making currency. To have the right maps at the right time, it is important to a lot of maps crafted with mods at all times. I would advise you have a quad tab where you toss any map you are done with. Note that the longer you stay in your hideout, the less efficient you are so, just go in, be fast, and make the most profit you can out of it. You can now sell items here for currency. Remember that the higher you invest, the more profit you get. The goal is to increase Pack Size and Item Quantity on your maps to maximize loot drop potential. A basic strategy for doing that is:

White Maps — Tiers 1–5 — Upgrade to Magic using Transmutations and Augmentations, avoiding any map modifiers that might kill you, like Reflect.

Yellow Maps— Tiers 6– 10– Upgrade to Rare making use of Alchemy and also Chaos, preventing any map modifiers that might kill you, like Reflect. For included Quantity as well as Pack Size, Vaal them, expecting 8 modifiers.

Red Maps — Tiers 11–16 — Map Master encounters are also great sources of extra mechanics for loot. Alva and the Incursion mechanics are a strong contender next to Nico and also Delving for best currency farming.


Crafting requires a lot of experience. I play many versions, and I never buy rare items in the Poe trade because I like to create them myself. I know that sometimes I make a lot of money on certain products, but sometimes I lose a lot of money. For example, when I spent 70 worship balls on the shield, I found that it was only worth three worship balls in the Poe trade. On the other hand, in the Betrayal Alliance, I have some lucky tricks. I made a box by hand and sold it for 100 worship balls, but my investment in that box was less than one worship ball.

Therefore, the design is based on luck. You may spend a little bit of money, but you will get a massive return for getting some extremely rare mods from some essential items, or you may invest a lot but never realize it. You can make a lot of Exile currency by hand, but you need to have rich experience.

Every alliance has an alliance mechanism. Generally, every alliance mechanism is profitable and should be worthwhile. Heist league is my favorite content in the game. There are many ways to make money in Heist. When doing low Heist, you will want to plant fossils, and the more fossils, the more currency you get. You will grow hundreds of fossils and sell them in large quantities because time is money. For example, a dense fossil can be dealt with a chaos ball, but if you have 20 thick fossils, you can sell them for 1.5-2 chaos because you provide more fossils, and people always seek the lowest Trading volume.

The other method is deep mining, which is 1,000 depth. You need to focus on delving into the sulfite rotation and go as deep as possible. In Heist 1,000, only a few versions are available, but the benefit is that the deeper you get, the more common these rare modifiers are.

Play In A Party

Finding a group of people to play Path of Exile with can dramatically improve currency farming. This is because every member of a party grants 50% multiplicative item quantity and rarity. While enemies will increase in strength as well, the multiplicative nature of these bonuses means juiced Maps can drop double or triple as many items every run for no additional investment. Just be sure to split the loot with the party as Path of Exile does not utilize instanced loot.

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