Unlike WoW Classic, in Burning Crusade players can purchase the Expansion Pass and invoke it in a certain way, which includes a character upgrade to level 58 as well as decorations and ground mounts. However, all these additional features were not available in the original version. Of course, this mount is 100% land-based, and it cannot Buy TBC Classic Gold fly into the newly expanded sky.

While WoW's first expansion pack has slightly improved graphics, it still sees some pretty good scenes. Silvermoon City and Azuremyst Isle, the initial areas of the two new races, the excellent design of Karazhan, and the mighty Shattrath City. It also has controversial designs, like the Nagrand, which sometimes looks a little hollow or fragmented.

However, each scenario implements and manages to transport the WOW TBC Gold player to this situation. Hellfire Peninsula is a dangerous place full of demons, with fierce battles on every corner. Marisma is a mysterious place where Nagas rule and players are just another creature in the area. On the sound front, Blizzard once again delighted players with a noteworthy soundtrack.

The music featured in the Battle of Illidan, the music played in the dungeons of Karazhan or Sylvanas' famous Highborne dirge are just a few examples of how WoW has dazzled the public with its musical notes. Not only that, but The Burning Crusade is the first expansion pack to be fully localized into Spanish. In addition to that, MMOWTS is ready to offer all players the cheapest TBC Classic Gold on the market.