Sneakerheads2020 need to look at the gorgeous pictures that make fans completely crazy! In addition to becoming Nike's most ideal model, the upcoming AF1 series models are also completely out of the rankings! Stunning colors and futuristic design make this pair different from every other pair! First, the pair dropped as part of the Los Angeles-inspired EMB package. If you missed it, why don't you take a look at the other content of our social networking site. At the same time, let's take a look at the stylish blue and white silhouette that makes everyone drool. The carefully crafted leather upper and seamless covering arrangement are enough to make you obsessed with this pair of shoes. However, this is not all. The midsole injected by the unfathomable cushioning technology also takes things to the next level. The white leather base shows the perfection of vibrant blue coverage. The scarves, toes, lace panels and Velcro straps around the ankles are all blue. Similarly, Nike’s iconic brand hits the outside of the ankle and the tongue label to complete the surprise.

2021Shoes will take off immediately after release, because the entire sneaker world is waiting for it! The amazing and scary mix of black, red and white is already great. But most importantly, this special version of NikeAirJordan also has a chrome style suitable for red accents. If you are looking forward to the spring and summer games, here you have the opportunity to get the most passionate color scheme of the AirJordan1 team. The boots are wearing black and white Orio, with metallic red accents for party preparation. This is a combination you rarely see. Most importantly, the high-quality leather structure is just a reward! If you pick up this silo as soon as you get to it, you don't have to look back. Enjoy steady sneaker score growth and self-confidence. But why has this topic received so much attention? Listen to us. First of all, the Orio palette and the blend with metallic red is simply an upgrade to the iconic brand palette. Most of Jordan1 boots are black and white, except for the collar area which is half red. This sleek red accents the retro B&W theme, ready for any occasion. After all, the black and white palette is all-round.

2020 Air Jordans ,The legendary Air Force 1 will return in the coming summer for a season-friendly makeover, and we are digging it out! If you missed the announcement of this amazing new Nike series, don’t worry, because we’ve covered it for you! We provide daily updates and sports shoes world news, so that you will not miss any important sports shoes related announcements. There is no doubt that the AF1 is one of the most beloved and coveted sneakers in the game. Therefore, the hype about the Nike Air Force 1 Low Acorn is absolutely crazy. If you don't want to miss this sneaker, you'd better pay attention to this sneaker. We are sure that the acorns will be sold out as soon as they arrive at the store. Judging from all the chaos caused by sneaker enthusiasts on the Internet, it is clear that this AF1 will succeed soon. Want to buy a pair for your summer 2021 collection? Then you must start to prepare and keep your eyes in this elegant silhouette until it drops! The cream-colored base layer balances the tan leather cover and provides a perfect earthy color scheme that you can rock and roll throughout the summer. In addition, an elegant pair like this is perfect for all seasons and every occasion! The dark brown color paints the laces for a slight contrast finish. Similarly, the rubber outsole also shows off a dark brown shade to match the laces. At the same time, the textured sole keeps your feet stuck to the ground, even if they become slippery due to rain or wet weather. This means that you will always be safe and comfortable wearing these boots.