The world is at the foot of the AJ9 generation
New Jordans Release 2021 , When Jordan announced his retirement in 1994, people had such a question, will the Jordan series continue? In fact, Nike launched this unique and creative Jordan 9th generation as scheduled, as if they foresee Jordan will return to the game. Jordan left the NBA arena, making the 9th generation the first shoe in the Jordan series that Jordan did not wear on the NBA arena. The designers of the 9th generation of Jordan have a deep understanding of what Jordan means to the entire basketball world and basketball fans all over the world. The shadow of the globalization of basketball can be seen in the 9th generation of Jordan. Jordan is not only a hero that Americans admire, but also makes people all over the world fascinated by his superb skills. The trapeze logo on the heel is placed with the earth for the first time, symbolizing the trapeze flying on the entire earth. The patterns on the soles express the meaning of the world in English, Chinese and Japanese respectively. 23 appeared twice on the soles and heels, and the trapeze logo was spread all over the body.
The New Jordan 9 UK generation is to allow people to remember Jordan's flying figure even when they can't see Jordan. The overall shape is relatively simple, and there is not much innovation in technology. It still has a built-in air cushion and a prominent edge of the forefoot. Partly to increase stability, the outsole composed of various allegorical patterns brings poor grip. However, the designer compensated in terms of comfort. The upper ankles and round laces brought comfort and safety to Jordan's feet. AJ9 uses the same configuration as AJ8, with separate soles before and after. It's just that the foot feel is really not flattering. From the picture, it is guessed that the thickness of the sole cushion has been reduced, but this is also related to various factors such as the firing of the midsole foam, which needs further research.
In the days when Jordan left the NBA, he went to the Professional Baseball League to find his feelings. At that time, his jersey number was No. 45. Nike specially launched the Jordan 9-generation baseball style for him and issued a limited edition of 45 pairs of Jordan 9 with 45. It is estimated that this pair of shoes has become a sky-high price for replacing baseball styles. Although the 9th generation of Jordan is the only pair of Jordan shoes he has not worn on the court, many NBA players wear these shoes, especially when Nike launched a reissue of Jordan in 2001, including Michael Finley, Many Jordan brand signing stars including Derek Anderson and Richard Hamilton have worn this shoe. Jordan himself has also worn the Jordan 9 gray remake this season, which is also a round of fans’ expectations of Air Jordan 9. The generation follows Jordan's dream of conquering the NBA.