Swordmaster focuses on everything about swords. It provides players with a variety of damage-focused sword skills options in Whirling Blade, Reverse Stab and Leaping Strike. Whirling Blade is a high-damage attack that can hit everything within two meters of you. Reverse Stab is the single-target attack with the highest damage rate among swords and shields, and its power is amazing. Leaping Strike is a quick jump, followed by a fierce attack. Whirling Blade is still one of the best AoE options the sword has, with greater range and coverage for light attacks. Reverse Stab is a powerful option with powerful upgrades, even if players focus on New World Coins. Because the Shield Rush of the defense tree provides more, Leaping Strike is often not used.

Defender Tree focuses on everything about shields. It provides three shield-dependent skills in Shield Bash, Shield Rush and Defiant Stance. Players can use Shield to hit the enemy with the shield, which can cancel some New World Coins. Shield Rush is a short-range charge of the shield, knocking it back when hit. Defiant Stance is the strongest defensive cooldowns in the game. 

Compared with the skills of Swordmaster Tree, all defense skills are very useful. When players use Carnelian Gem, Shield Bash and Defiant Stance will become taunts. The former becomes a single-target ridicule and hate tool, while the latter becomes AoE ridicule. In terms of the high enhancement value it provides, Defiant Stance itself is still the best defense cooldown in the game. Shield Rush is still closer than Leaping Strike because its upgrades increase practicality.

However, it is also possible that players will practice these two skill trees at the same time. Comprehensive development is better than one-way extreme development, and players have more resources to survive in various tasks and dangers and get loot. If New World gamers need more help, they can go to IGGM to buy some cheap RPG New World Coins and learn some in-depth game guides.