In New World, players can collect many useful resources, of which hemp is a more important resource, which is used to make clothes, bags and armor. After several years of development, the highly anticipated MMORPG New World from Amazon Games has officially entered the beta period. In order to understand how the island of Aeternum works, players have been able to experience the beginning of a colonial-based MMO in the 17th century.

Aeternum Island is modeled on the Americas of the 17th century, and most of the environment reflects the background of the game. Unlike other MMORPGs, New World has a powerful collection and production system. Players must learn how to collect and craft effectively to improve their game efficiency, maintain settlements and complete tasks. Many resources are important in New World, but items such as silver ore and hemp fiber are particularly coveted in the game.

Cannabis is a tall green plant with purple or brown flowers, depending on where the plant is found. This is a very important resource for New World because hemp is harvested to collect fiber. The New World Coins fiber can be used for weaving on a loom. Players can use fibers to weave fabrics such as linen, satin, silk, and impregnated silk to make clothes, armor, and bags.

The player uses the sickle to harvest fiber from the hemp plant. There are five layers of sickles that can be crafted in forging. The first-grade sickle, the flint sickle, is made by combining a flint and a piece of wood at the forging station. Using a flint sickle on a hemp plant will successfully collect fiber from the plant. The advanced sickle is forged using New World resources such as iron ingots and steel ingots.

Cannabis plants can be easily found around Aeternum Island. Cannabis plants are usually clustered around certain areas, although certain areas of the map contain almost zero cannabis plants. Players should drive west from the town of Windsward, where they will eventually encounter a river from north to south. There are many marijuana plants around the New World Coins Buy river. Because marijuana usually gathers near cities and waters. If the player cannot find a cannabis plant, it is a good idea to walk along the river. In addition, players can visit NewWorldCoins at any time to buy cheap New World Coins to enhance their strength and get a better gaming experience.