For a player who wants to stay in Bless Unleashed for a long time and has an outstanding performance, it must be necessary to have enough Bless Unleashed Star Seeds. Because players can use Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to buy the items they want, and they can quickly resurrect themselves and improve their strength. But many players feel get Bless Unleashed Star Seeds is not a simple task, in fact they did not find the right way. Here is a quick way to get Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.

Carzacor Treasure Map Hunt. In the process of these arduous star species training, players must have got several Carcazor treasure map fragments. If players do not want to sell them, then they can continue these treasure hunts to get equipment, and get a rare mount called “The White War Horse”, which itself will get an astonishing number of Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.

Players can also buy fragments from the market, but pay attention to the price. Some people list these shards with a maximum of 100 Bless Unleashed Star Seeds per shard, so players should also follow this example, but when buying them, make sure that the price is below the 100 Starseed mark. A treasure map is composed of 8 Carcazor treasure map fragments. To combine these pieces, players must talk to the cartographer NPC in any major city. They are usually idle near the market NPC, and will automatically combine players’ fragments into a map.

Remember to read the map manually before taking the adventure, as it will mark the location of Carcazor’s treasure on the players’ map. After reaching the marked position, they must speed up, because once another player appears on the treasure chest, the players may lose their loot and they will have to wait for the treasure chest to respawn. Remember, there can only be 1 map on the player. After finding the treasure, they need to go back to the cartographer to create another one. Therefore, it is useful to carry many fragments for a longer time “treasure hunt” grinding. When following these maps, besides equipment, players also need to pay attention to Memory Gems. The higher the level of Memory Gems, the higher the price. However, the most important thing is that they are in high demand, so players can always sell them and get some Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.

Finally, always keep pace with the market, where players can sell almost anything and get Bless Unleashed Star Seeds. Completing daily quests can also help, but remember that if players have a certain amount of wealth, they need to be vigilant and patient during the journey. Players may not become millionaires overnight, so don’t be frustrated when the market is not favorable. If players want to be more relaxed, then they can Buy Bless Unleashed Seeds