For beginner players and advanced players, their tasks are different. But players can get rewards such as ESO Gold through missions. Here are some of the most suitable tasks for advanced players of level 40 and above.

The Rise of Sage Svari. Location: The Rift, Skyrim. Level: 40. Goal: Accompany Skald Svari through the Rift Valley and pray to the Fallowstone Temple on her way to become the next Sage. When the players find a good escort mission, it is an unforgettable experience. In this mission, there is no battle except some simple battles, because it is more a journey than a destination. But players can also buy ESO Gold to increase their strength. Svari is actually a cute character, and when players travel with her, they will get to know her better. This is also a great way to explore one of the most famous areas of Skyrim culture.

The Harvest Heart. Location: Coldharbour, the Plane of Oblivion. Level: 49. Goal: Find and mark the Harvest Heart vampire’s lair. Anything related to vampires will be very interesting. This mission took place in Molag Bal’s twisted plane of Oblivion, Coldharbour, making this mission even more chilling. After defeating the vampire in their own shelter and returning to Vanus Galerion or Virgar the Red, according to the path chosen by the player, perform a ritual to expel the vampire once and for all and complete the mission. In this process, players had better prepare some Elder Scrolls Online Gold to improve themselves.

Vanus Unleashed. Location: Coldharbour, the Plane of Oblivion. Level: 47. Goal: Enter Black Forge and find Vanus Galerion. Magic users or players interested in the history of the Mage Guild will appreciate this more than others, because it can connect players to Vanus Galerion. Players can prepare ESO Gold to get more powerful equipment. In this mission, Vanus believes he can become a hero by turning off the shackles in the Black Forge, but the player will not let him get all the glory. Fortunately, he left a recording for you, which revealed where he was going, and a small side door that was inconspicuous. If the player wants to follow him, he can sneak in.