For some novice players, Bless Unleashed may be complicated. Because they don't understand the game mechanics, many times players may feel frustrated and may waste a lot of time in vain. But the most important point is that players can prepare sufficient Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, which will be of great help to the game road behind them. In fact, as long as the players have some understanding of Bless Unleashed, they may avoid many detours. Here are a few tips that beginner players need to know.

Don't worry too much about the hostile enemy. Bless Unleashed has many annoying critters and enemies that will hinder players. Most of them attack the line of sight and can hinder the player in a hurry. Thankfully, players can actually safely ignore them. Compared with players, most monsters in the game move slower. In fact, most players don't even have to Buy Bless Unleashed Seeds from them. It is enough to stay away from hostile creatures, as they will not be able to chase them. Unless you need to fix XP quickly, don't worry about interacting with them.

Sign Up With A Bandai Namco Account For A Decent Free Mount. If the player wants to move faster than the enemy who might be chasing them, then mounts would be a good idea. Fortunately, Bandai Namco is very generous about this and will give away GOLDEN HYAENODON Mount for free to anyone who connects a Bandai Namco account with a PS or Xbox account. This is a pretty good journey that allows players to quickly get from one point to another. Not only that, it also allows players to save money on the first mount in the game. Once the account is linked and the player is logged in, they can claim their hyena mount in the advanced items tab in the inventory. Players can buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to obtain powerful mounts.

Gear Can't Break On Fortification Level Zero. Bless Unleashed pushes the ruthless mechanism further, because it also borrows from older Korean MMOs in terms of equipment upgrades. Players can buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to get better equipment. Whenever someone enhances their equipment in Bless Unleashed, it has a chance to be damaged. In this regard, repairing them is expensive.