In Bless Unleashed, players can only obtain the rare item Bless Unleashed Soul Crystals by defeating rare bosses. In the game, players can also defeat enemies to get some Bless Unleashed Star Seeds rewards. So how should players use this rare crystal? In fact, players have many choices, but one of them is definitely not worth the players' time.

How to obtain Soul Crystals. Players need to defeat unique bosses to obtain soul crystals. But players can only challenge these field bosses with other players, and there is only one unique boss in each region. However, Adventure Dungeon has three unique bosses to challenge. No matter which method is chosen, the HP of the boss will increase according to the number of people in the team. In fact, players can Buy Bless Unleashed Seeds to purchase some powerful equipment and weapons to increase their strength, so as to increase the probability of defeating the boss.

The role of Soul Crystals. Soul Crystals has only one purpose, and that is to exchange with monster hunter NPCs in various towns. He provided several special products for the soul crystal, but be careful of what you get. Players can also trade with other players to obtain Bless Unleashed Star Seeds. The Monster Hunter NPC provides players with a choice of soul crystal boss boxes or skins. But remember, don’t buy a box unless it’s advanced.

The box he sells is the same as the box obtained by the player defeating the Boss of the same name. For example, the Bone Dragon box is also obtained by the player after defeating the Bone Dragon. The difference is that players can get boss drops for free. The items inside are random and often disappointing, but getting low-level equipment from random drops is much less than spending items to get disappointing equipment. Unless players have extra crystals and want to spend them, it is recommended to save them as unique decorations and skins for Monster Hunter. Players can also Buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to buy the items they want in the market.