Buying a house is one of the biggest achievements players can achieve in Final Fantasy XIV. However, between cost, availability and requirements, figuring out how to buy a house in FFXIV can be tricky. But if the player knows where to start, it's much easier.

The house allows players to store various items and engage in new activities such as gardening and decoration. Although there is no need to own a house in the game, it is an exciting milestone for any character and account that has been developed. The following are the things players need to do to buy a house in Final Fantasy XIV.

The player must find a house that can be purchased. Usability can be tricky, depending on many factors. Each server has the same amount of residential land, so compared to a server with a larger population, a server with a smaller population in Final Fantasy XIV is theoretically easier to buy a house. Players need to find an available piece of land, they can walk to an open area and buy it. However, the competition to buy land is fierce. The random plot availability timer resets every hour, so players need to try to click the placard after the random plot availability timer expires, and they need to do so before anyone else can purchase a plot.

There are some additional rules for buying a house. Players can only have one personal house per service account, so players who like to use alternate accounts on the same server are out of luck. In addition, players must enter their house once every 45 days, otherwise the plot will be considered abandoned and resold.

The cost of housing in Final Fantasy XIV depends on the size of the plot and the size of the house, ranging from 3 to 4 million FFXIV Gil for small houses to 40 or 50 million FFXIV Gil for larger plots. The price of each house drops every four hours, however, this drop is not significant, which means it is usually not worth the wait. In addition to the time commitment required to obtain the house, the player does not need to pay any additional fees after purchasing the house. 

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