The housing market in Final Fantasy XIV has always been a highly competitive scene. The demand for land has not yet met the current in-game supply, resulting in a shortage of housing on the server. Even without this additional challenge, acquiring a residential plot and building a house in Final Fantasy XIV requires a lot of work and a lot of FFXIV Gil.

In Final Fantasy XIV, housing is so expensive that most of them are owned by members of free companies rather than individuals, because concentrating funds in the company’s treasure chest is a more effective way to save money to buy a house. With more players trying Final Fantasy XIV than ever before, the plot shortage may only get worse. Hopefully, after adding more servers in the near future, some of these problems will be alleviated.

At the same time, thanks to the Ebuyer website, the pricing of Final Fantasy XIV houses has been compared with FFXIV Gil. The site configures the actual housing cost in video games by taking in-game items and placing the price in pounds sterling on them before converting them to U.S. dollars. Of course, the method here is not perfect, because the price fluctuates in games such as Final Fantasy XIV and in the real world. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see how the value of houses in MMORPG translates into real dollars.

Although the new data center is about to launch, the housing shortage in Final Fantasy XIV may continue for some time. However, this does not seem to affect house prices. When comparing the value of FFXIV Gil and USD, house prices are still far below the US real estate market. Regardless of the flaws in Ebuyer's methodology, this is an interesting way to understand the actual value of the residential land and buildings in Final Fantasy XIV.

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