WoW: Burning Crusade's arena and conquest points have improved a lot compared with the original World of Warcraft, but its new WOW TBC Classic Gold features have also brought some trouble to itself. The current battlefield PVP has begun to completely depreciate, and the arena is also solving the problem of class balance and matching. In addition, the loopholes where players get ratings without any rewards are also being addressed.

You can go to see what happened in Shadowlands these days when it is improving PVE and PVP challenges, and this will also become a very important topic in TBC Classic. But whether it was in the original Burning Crusade or now Shadowlands is different, Blizzard unexpectedly took action against Booster and Wintrader after the first season of TBC Classic, and also issued a large number of penalties.

PVP veterans use the roles of other players to gamble for money and gold. Including pushing them to high scores, there are also many players who play with these criminals in other ways. In addition to Blizzard’s ban, seasonal rewards such as titles and mounts are said to have also been removed.

It seems that all regions have been affected, and a list soon began to circulate on the Internet, listing the names of the highly rated characters who disappeared from the arena team due to the suspension. Especially in the Greater Yangzhou area, they were hit hardest. Moreover, every top-ranked team has been affected a bit.

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