The first thing I want is the shoes off her feet. As a former accessories editor, shoes have always been my weakness. I started to prefer wearing them over my heeled boots, and even cleaned out and consigned a chunk of my closet Bottega Veneta Heels in an effort to save up for a pricey, lug sole Gucci version I had my eyes on.

Am I going to wear those low rise jeans that I had when I was 20 years old Hell no, but it's because I feel differently now. With no big shoe sponsor this year, Felix decided to take matters into her own hands.

In the meantime, most special is a series of shoes inspired by Felloni's pre pandemic trip to Japan and the square shaped geta sandals he saw there. I wanted everything to feel elevated, she says. You can't place the era, she muses, adding that she was introduced to the unisex shoe by her father, who picked up his first pair while traveling through Spain in the '70s, in the early aughts, after inheriting a braided leather set from her late grandmother which she keeps in rotation to this day thanks to a visit to the cobbler every few years, the enduring design became one of Buhai's own style signatures, Bottega Veneta Shoes along with blazers, crisp button ups, black pants, and dark wash denim.

On the red carpet, you're playing a glamorous character. Until Bottega Veneta Boots this summer, that is. Even as our social lives swiftly pick back up, the thought of teetering in a pair of sky high stilettos seems daunting.

Since I'm tough on mine and have worn through too many Gucci and Ferragamo versions to justify replacing them, I opt for a more affordable option. Seeing that got me thinking about how those changes translate to Spring.

If a space age bubble shoe or sandal that click clacks is more your speed, go for it. Andrew is working to honor its heritage and craft traditions, while creating a diverse and inclusive sort of extended family around the brand, as well as an expanded product offering.

because I grew up in the '70s and, you know, everything was like, 'Who caresI mean, everybody was wearing whatever they wanted to wear. Here's why pre pandemic, the beginning and end of each day was marked by leaving the house, keys and reusable coffee mug in hand, and returning home again as the day turned to night.