Each of us women is unique and beautiful, she said. We each have a voice, a purpose, and a statement to make. We're witnessing the birth of Tudorcore, a trend that melds the it-pieces of 16th century England with today's styles. After Hadid wore the necklace, demand for similar jewelry Golden Goose Outlet pieces jumped by 56%, according to global search platform Lyst.

You had a lot of people going through their closets in the pandemic, said Liana Satenstein, a senior fashion news writer at Vogue who calls herself the Schmatta Shrink. Discovering and fine-tuning your personal style is a journey. But I still think a lot of people are apprehensive about touching each other again, about seeing each other again.

Instead of introducing a singular defining trend, it was a decade where many fashion tribes emerged, Golden Goose each with a signature style. Rather than fashion houses, It girls set the trends. I watch her posts the second they're available, so I've seen them all, but there's a lot that gets left out when you're confined to a 60-second clip. So I reached out to Hildreth to talk about her thoughts on what personal style truly is, some of her fashion staples, and the evolution of her style, which is incredibly cool, by the way.

It's hair as an accessory-almost like how you'd pair a handbag with a certain outfit, said hair legend Guido Palau backstage at Loewe, where choppy wigs in subversive vivid shades like deep turquoise and amethyst purple were the ultimate statement. I wasn't so much struck by the notion of trends but by the collective push, from so many talented individuals-Tom Ford, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Francesco Risso, Demna Gvasalia, Jonathan Anderson, and Sarah Burton I got to preview it while I was in London!-who are really energized and galvanized by thinking about fashion as we emerge from the pandemic.

You can play with heel heights, color palettes, textures, and straps-the platform offers a whopping 6,000 possible combinations. You can even add a monogram to the soles for an extra personal touch. While Golden Goose Sale we may know our history of great writers, they've had their fair share of overlap with the fashion world, farther back than you think. Zelda and F.