If you are a player who likes elegant and flexible Cheap New World Coins game style, then you will definitely like rapier very much. This is an elegant and ferocious weapon that can cause a lot of damage to a single target, and has a large number of mobile skills in its arsenal, which can help players avoid dangerous enemies.

The rapier is most suitable for one-on-one situations because it does not provide much crowd control. It is also a melee weapon, so players may want to use long-range weapons at the same time, especially if the player has spent some time in the New World war, prefers single-player leveling, or wants more features in open world PvP . Regardless of the circumstances under which the player intends to use it, here are the best New World rapier builds.

The best configuration for PvE is the rapier and fire staff. The staff of firepower provides players with the range of the rapier who desperately needs to improve their skill sets, and outputs amazing damage, so that players can tear the enemy with the highest efficiency. Players can also use it as a PvP build because it is very versatile. According to the player's mobility needs, the New World Coins player can be equipped with medium or light armor. If the player spends more time playing solo rather than in group PvE content, the lighting may be better.

Both the rapier and the fireman reduce intelligence, so this is where the player should invest the most points. After reaching 150 intelligence, ensure that the player’s physique has at least 50 points to enhance the player’s health consumables, allowing the player to stay longer in battle, and 50 points of dexterity can get an extra 5% crit rate. If possible, place a gem on the player's rapier and convert part of its damage into intelligence, such as a ruby.

These are the best rapier builds in New World, but players can experiment to find the one that suits them. If players are looking for New World axe construction or New World PvP skills, they can visit NewWorldCoins, where players can also buy the cheapest New World Coins on the market. Safe and fast, and delivered immediately.