With Halloween officially landing on Azeroth in WoW Classic, Burning Crusade players can finally challenge the Headless Horseman. Players can summon a headless horseman once a day. This means that in a complete team of five players, everyone can summon riders, and there are a total of five opportunities to get some unique seasonal loot.

In addition to three different rings, the rider also dropped a helmet, a sword with the ability to summon pumpkin soldiers, and other goodies. Players can get some more delicious things from rider kills, including magic broom mounts with a limited lifespan, evil squash pets, and heavy jack-o-lantern toys. To get the chance of this WOW Classic TBC Gold loot, players need to summon 5 players of level 65 or higher to go to the graveyard copy of the Scarlet Monastery.

The dungeon is located in the northeastern part of Tirisfal Woods, a tribal-controlled area. After entering the instance, the player should see a "Pumpkin Temple" that provides a daily task called "Call the Headless Horseman". Players will get a "dull candle" after accepting the task. Take that candle to the "loose soil" in the cemetery and click on a bunch. It will summon a headless horseman.

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The boss’s health is slightly higher than 100,000, so a team of five equipped players shouldn’t be too difficult to take him away. Make sure again that everyone in the player group has accepted the daily tasks. Everyone of the players can summon a knight. Getting the drop chances the player wants five times a day will increase the possibility that the loot brought by the player will go home.

The TBC Classic Gold event will end on November 1, players will have a full two weeks of daily reset time to try to obtain rings, toys, mounts and other rider items. If players lack WOW TBC Gold during the event, they can visit MMOWTS at any time and spend a small amount of money to purchase a large amount of WOW TBC Gold in order to pursue greater progress.