The latest expansion of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker will be released on November 23, when players will get two new FF14 Gil: Reaper and Sage. Grim Reaper is a new melee damage profession that focuses on fast-paced combat with a sickle. Sage is a therapist with futuristic technological aesthetics who can fire lasers from floating cannons.

At present, many players tend to play the role of DPS. DPS work focuses on causing damage, whether it is long-range, close-range, magic or weapons. As a tank, responsible for absorbing damage and keeping the enemy's attention, or a healer may seem daunting to many players. This is not to say that players do not like to play tanks or treatments, but that they prefer DPS in comparison.

Every job in Final Fantasy XIV can use its own weapons. For example, the Dark Knight uses a great sword. The mechanic is holding a gun. The bard attacked with a bow and arrow. Therefore, when choosing a new job, it is important to consider its weapons. For example, the FFXIV team cannot just choose something that uses spears.

For the god of death, weapons are the first. For Sage, the situation is just the opposite. The team wants a therapist, and Sage is already a concept we saw in Final Fantasy XIV in the past. However, it is usually just another magic user, not much different from the existing black and white wizards in Final Fantasy XIV. So Yoshida and his team had to consider a hook and a unique FFXIV Gil for the FFXIV iteration. When players saw Sage and its laser for the first time, many players compared it with what they saw in mechanical anime or manga, such as Gundam.