Earlier before this year's FIFA 22 was released, we had learned some content from leaked video games released by some players. In addition, EA also announced that it will provide a wealth of customizable content for the game, so that players can design their own unique stadium. These news have excited the loyal fans of the FIFA series of games. However, what the developers did not expect is that Customisable pitch lines can even affect the results of certain games-some players use customisable pitch lines with special colors to create an advantage for themselves.

FIFA 22's customisable pitch lines are causing an accessibility problem, players have said.

FIFA 22, like FIFA 21, permits you to customise your FIFA 22 Coins stadium to be used in FIFA Ultimate Team. And, beyond what FIFA 21 did before, FIFA 22 permits you to change the color of the pitch lines.

There are a raft of colors available, including a green that's near the color of the virtual grass.

For FIFA 21, EA Sports changed the way online play worked in Ultimate Team that the away player always saw the default white pitch lines, preventing issues with accessibility.

However, for a few reason FIFA 22 did not launch with this feature, and then away players are forced to work out - or in some cases struggle to work out - their opponent's pitch lines.

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I've verified this can be the case myself, venturing online in Ultimate Team and developing against my opponent's customised pitch lines. And yes, some players are using the green colourize a shot to Buy FIFA 22 Coins form it hard to inform where the lines are, particularly together with the certain pitch mow patterns. This problem impacts all versions of the sport except Nintendo Switch.

After Eurogamer arrived touch with EA to ask why this was the case in FIFA 22, EA Sports added the difficulty to the developer's Trello board as some extent of investigation. There is no ETA on when a patch sorting it out are going to be issued.

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