Have you ever felt that because of stress, after going through an illness, due to the ravages of age or even poor eating habits, you have suffered hair loss or have seen more receding than normal and have considered the use of a partial or frontal hair prosthesis?


It is something more common than you might think, and it is that the fact that people see that there are certain signs of aging that haunt us when we are not prepared make us take measures such as going to a scalp specialist or a capillary center for advice and solutions. A hair prosthesis is a great alternative for all those people who have detected a loss of hair in isolated areas, growth of the entrances or suffer some type of disease on the scalp.

Partial hair prosthesis

A partial hair prosthesis gives the wearer the opportunity to cover those isolated areas where there is no hair or the growth is less, leaving a prominent clap that can lead to complexes and insecurities.

By means of a prosthesis of this type we can apply an easy, fast and effective remedy, as well as lasting. Regarding the latter, it must be taken into account that a water wave hair, unlike a wig, is not a removable accessory, therefore, although it is true that it offers an aesthetic function, it has an expiration date.

With the intention of clarifying some myths and possible doubts about hair prostheses, we link you to two of our previous publications that deal with the subject. Find out the duration of a hair prosthesis with “how long does a hair prosthesis last” and discover if it is possible that a hair prosthesis will last us forever thanks to “hair prosthesis for life”.

With these two publications we firmly believe that you will understand all the points to take into account and you will be able to solve your doubts about this versatile and effective hair system used by thousands of people in our country.


Frontal hair prosthesis

On the other hand, a frontal capillary prosthesis is also a type of partial prosthesis, since it is not complete. This type of hairpiece is used especially to cover the frontal areas of the head, especially the entrances.

This allows all those who suffer from prominent recesses or premature alopecia to gain security and well-being honey blonde hair wigs, ceasing to be affected by a natural process that for many is simply another condition of the passage of time but that for others takes on great value.

In case you consider, or have recommended, after consulting with specialists, the use of a natural hair wig, it will be because due to your condition it is surely the most practical when it comes to meeting your aesthetic needs.


In this way you will be able to cover the entire surface of your head and thanks to proper care you will be able to extend its useful life for much longer. We have a long history of more than 40 years helping all those people who have been affected by hair loss and want to regain their usual aesthetics. Do not think about it and, if you have doubts, call us.