Through the latest news from Blizzard Entertainment, we know that the next part of WoW Classic: the Season of Mastery will meet with players on November 16.

Players of WoW Classic in the Season of Mastery will have the opportunity to re-experience the game in a new environment. Players can Buy WOW TBC Gold restart the game progress from the first level. The original content of WoW Classic will be released in six stages next year.

The WoW: Classic Season of Mastery is a copy of the WoW Classic released in 2019, but it still allows players to experience the game from a new perspective. The updated version of this classic mode will change some of the original core mechanics in the game. These include the removal of World Buffs from the raid, and the removal of the debuff restrictions that can be imposed on the boss at one time. In addition, in order to offset some changes, the life pool value of the boss in the Season of Mastery will also be increased.

In addition, players can level up faster in the Season of Mastery. According to Blizzard, the experience gained in the Season of Mastery is very similar to the leveling process of the Burning Crusade. The XP that players can earn by completing tasks has increased.

Players will be able to keep their character's name in the Season of Mastery starting from November 11th. WoW: Classic players can create up to 50 characters in the latest server and the upcoming Season of Mastery server. Moreover, 50 individual characters are also allowed in Burning Crusade Classic servers.

At 5 pm on November 16, US Central Time, this will be the official launch time of the WoW: Classic Season of Mastery WOW TBC Gold server.

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