This remains one of the Genius project's most consistently popular offerings, in that you see it on the street all the time. Ruffini said in a statement: "Due to his professional background and strong brand building knowledge gained during his extensive international career, Gino is the ideal candidate to support me in shaping Moncler's further development towards a consumer culture company driven by purpose, experience, and a sense of community, while drawing inspiration from different worlds including entertainment, sports, art and music.

First, a warm embrace. As bankers shuck suits, ties and overcoats in favor of more casual attire, Moncler Sale its 2,000 puffy down jackets have moved beyond the ski slopes of St.

It's no secret that the program is engineered to speak to the young, international, internet - savvy fashion consumer. Usually we do a massive installation in a room where we try to control the environment.

We knew that we weren't going to be doing a physical event, so we used it as an opportunity as the first time that we can present the Moncler collection outdoors to see it in a different setting.

The designers most hell - bent on proving that sentiment were Williams and Green, two of fashion and hip - hop's favorite new designers. The centerpiece of the new space is an impressive central staircase that connects the two floors almost like a ribbon with a sinuous helical shape.

The result is a pretty even split. Green's collection, which launches in stores today, is the designer's sixth with Moncler, a relationship that predates the launch of the Genius project with a handful of capsules in 2017, and a sign of Moncler's willingness to bet early and big on designers.