According to new documents submitted today in Epic's lawsuit against Apple, Rocket League may receive a new look, more content, and the addition of a new mobile product in the near future, among other things.




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As part of a quarterly business review from June 2020, which was submitted as evidence during the proceedings, several other games had portions of their development timelines shared with the court. These other games included Fortnite, which provided detailed insights into its generated revenue and content plans.




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Rocket League "2D," a version of the Rocket League Items for sale that was being developed as the franchise's first mobile title and would be specifically tailored to touch controls while still allowing traditional controller support, was one of the additions to the roster.Rocket League Sideswipe was the name of thecheap Rocket League items that was revealed in March.

It was previously stated that Epic and Psyonix were looking into releasing the Rocket League Items for sale "as soon as Summer 2020" in some of the older slides, and that a Fall 2020 release was being considered in the more recent listings.However, it will now be available for free download on iOS and Android devices around the world starting "later this year."A second mobile product was also mentioned as being "on the horizon," but there were no further details provided at the time of publication.

According to the documents, a project titled Rocket League "Next" is in the works, and it involves the development of a new, next-generation client that would provide a complete Rocket League gameplay experience across multiple platforms.This would include cross-play, cross-progression, and other features between PC, console, and mobile platforms, among other things.

It appears that there were plans to test a mobile version of the mainRocket League credits before releasing any of those features as part of Rocket League's free-to-play launch last September, but it is unclear whether or not those plans were realized.

As a result of the documents being from last June and the slides containing these details being labeled as "old," it's likely that a great deal has changed since Epic and Psyonix announced the Rocket League Items for sale would be made free to play a month later on July 21.It is currently unclear whether this indicates that a potential mobile launch for the main client of Rocket League is still on the horizon or whether it is not.

Nonetheless, Epic stated that, as of June 2020, Rocket League had more than 10 million active users across all platforms, marking the highest number of users since thecheap Rocket League items's initial release in 2015.