In the currently very popular World of Warcraft TBC Classic, the professions mastered by players become more important. Although in the past ten years, professions in retail World of Warcraft have been playing a very important role. The main reason for this phenomenon is that players in World of Warcraft TBC Classic have lower level caps, and players can improve fewer character attributes through leveling. They need a powerful gear to improve their damage and survivability, and more powerful items usually require players to obtain through crafting.

Before the Burning Crusade expansion is released, in order to be able to use explosives to increase DPS during the raid, the top guild in TBC Classic usually requires multiple members to master engineering. After the release of TBC Classic, the situation has changed dramatically. Because other professions gain massive value because of the crafted gear they provide that's exclusive to the profession.

For leatherworking, Blizzard made some WOW TBC Gold changes. Because all the raids in the original TBC need to master leatherworking players, but now, only a few players are needed to meet the needs of the raid.

Players who have mastered alchemy can make a very valuable product like Primal Might. When it comes to earning WOW TBC Gold, alchemy is generally considered the best profession. At the beginning of the game, they can sell Primal Might at a high price to get a lot of gold.
In TBC Classic, the profession has gained some new capabilities. They can make Alchemist Stones that are very useful for healers, and they can also produce Cauldrons with extra utility. To put it simply, if you want to continuously obtain protection potions during the raid process, Cauldrons are essential.
Most players that have an alchemist will only do so to make potions and transmutes. It may not be the profession many players will want on the main character that they raid with.

Those players who have chosen the melee class in World of Warcraft usually choose Blacksmithing as one of the professions. Because when the skill level of the profession reaches the highest level, they can make a one-handed mace called Dragonmaw. This is one of the most powerful items in the game that players can make.
What's even better is that Warriors and Shamans can maintain this profession during the game, thereby gaining the ability to Buy WOW TBC Gold continuously upgrade Dragonmaw.
Of course, if players want to use the profession to make money, they can choose to make weapon stones, weapon chains, and temporary armor buffs for items.

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