We thought it was interesting that they were things that encourage www.monclerjacketssale.com you to be outdoors or encourage you to go outside, even though we still had the conceptual sculptures.

The designers most hell - bent on proving that sentiment were Williams and Green, two of fashion and hip - hop's favorite new designers. "We developed a new hook - it's kind of like a large carabiner - specifically for Moncler, and I think it's really beautiful, to use on belts and accessories," Williams says.

As he explains down a Zoom in anticipation of the latest chapter of his Fragment (or Frgmt as it is increasingly termed) collaboration with Moncler as part of the Genius jamboree, his IP and creativity lives in the cloud - allowing him to live in serenity.

The legacy brand is Moncler, the Italian purveyor of all manner of puffy coats, and the collaborator is Hiroshi Fujiwara, who runs the extra - cool Japan - based label Fragment.

There were some beautifully pure parkas, down jackets that echoed the spirit of Terray's original capsule (which was the equivalent of today's high - performance Grenoble), down liner jackets, and in an elongated scarf - collar a nice nod to the supposed sleeping bag source story.

That broadly stable performance during the pandemic, which has sent most rivals reeling, implies a high level of interest in the brand. We were on the east side of Milan next to a radical squat in a sprawling, abandoned factory, within which Remo Ruffini and his cohorts had laid out separate stages for their eight full Genius collections, plus three accessory collections (a fat - tire Danish e - bike; the super - Moncler Jackets cute hot - model - thronged Poldo dogwear; and Rimowa luggage) plus, oh yes, the genius but not "Genius" Rick Owens tour bus project on the side.