Strong military style! New Jordans Release 2021 New color scheme Dunk Hi official image exposed! Dunk, as one of Nike's most popular shoes, has been sought after by many sneaker enthusiasts in recent years. The original intention of NIKE DUNK is actually a pair of basketball shoes with good grounding. For NIKE, although from the current point of view, DUNK, which has a ‘simple design and low technical content’, is definitely a pair of cross-century shoes. In terms of technical content, people often think that the Dunk without air cushion is the most original one.
Recently, Nike Dunk High announced the official image of a new color scheme Dunk High Rebel. The whole pair of shoes is composed of leather material stitching, bringing a rich visual sense of hierarchy. The military green color scheme is matched with the heavy high-top design, which has a military style. The Swoosh Logo of different sizes is superimposed on the shoe body, which is quite deconstructed and fashionable and avant-garde. The midsole adopts a stacked design to create a heavy design sense. The sole also adopts a new pattern design, full of sincerity.
At present, the brand new Nike Dunk High Rebel has been launched, the sale price is $92 US dollars, interested friends can click the link to buy, we will also bring you the latest shoes for the first time. Nike Dunk High Rebel, article number: DH3718-103.