What's interesting about it is that different people see it differently. Some people see a platypus, some people see a frog, and some people see this strange human. It started from the monogram.

I learned a lot about myself as a photographer. I think it's interesting what can come out of obstacles that are put in front of you. Zhang already has well - recorded form as an exciting young experimental designer in down.

If you are here, you are viewing the look book images for Genius Collection 7: Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara. For me, it's a big open space to explore. Williams created a film with Teezo that debuted on Saturday, focusing on the "dystopian uniform," as Moncler Jackets the designer put it, that he has continued to evolve for Moncler.

Looking at these pieces before, it had been tempting to extrapolate from them a shift from the urban - technicality of early Alyx to a couture - ish inspiration seeded by his move from Milan to Paris last year in order to take on the Givenchy gig - but Williams reckoned this was not in his mental foreground while shaping this collection. It is also worth recording that of the 11 Moncler Mondo Genius launch films this season, Williams's was easily among the most entertaining. The film stars "a friend of mine called Teezo Touchdown from Texas and he's going to do a performance for everybody," offered Williams as an advance trail.

And the silence. When they tell you not to go outside, that's genuinely when I like to go outside. The stands were as crowded and trepidatious as before a basketball game, but the lights were soft and elegant as if suggesting an intimate and friendly atmosphere.