Although New World has only been launched for more than a month, some players have found the best combination in the game in terms of equipment and skills. Some players have found that even though the light armor in the game is attractive because it provides 20% extra damage, the high defense of the heavy armor is too good to use anything else. Moreover, when it comes to armor, agate gems are very valuable in all activities because they further reduce the physical damage the player receives.

As for the weapon element itself, due to its very powerful toolkit, some options have taken over most of the other options. In New World, the axe is the only passive skill in the game that can be used to prevent death every three minutes, as well as a powerful weapon with high-damage skills and violent forms. The same is true for Great Axes, which can Buy New World Coins cause a lot of damage, while also providing good gains and practical skills, as well as self-repair.

However, in New World, agility weapons are not considered that good because they cause very little damage compared to power weapons, and they focus on mobile game style. However, a player recently shared a clip where they defeated two opponents in PvP with a musket, showing that they caused amazing damage to the enemy player. Players use a combination of musket skills to help cause more damage to the enemy, such as shooter posture and gunpowder burning, which can cause crazy damage to unknowing opponents.

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Although the post received a lot of attention, the community also noticed that the enemy did not try to avoid shooting or ran in an unpredictable manner, nor did it self-medicate after being injured. Nevertheless, the operating mode may depend on the fact that they have not seen the shooter, so they cannot avoid their shooting, and the treatment can only be done with the life staff or potion, but the cooling time needs to be considered.

However, not every bit of information is as extensive in the community as people think. Therefore, it is possible that the New World Coins enemy player did not use agate gems or heavy armor because they have different structures. If players want to obtain powerful weapons and equipment in the game, they often need a lot of New World Coins. If you are worried about the lack of New World Coins, you can always visit NewWorldCoins to buy New World Coins, they will help you save a lot of money.