As we all know, the first season of WOW TBC Classic Ranking Arena brings players three arenas, namely the Ring of Trial in Nagrand, the Ruins of Lordaeron in Tirisfal Glades and the Ring of Blood in Blade's Edge Mountain. The WOW TBC Classic Gold retail version of WoW has updated the Circle of Trials and the Circle of Blood, giving players the opportunity to fight again in the original layout.

To participate in arena battles, players must form a team of two, three, or five players. From there, they must talk to the battle master in the arena located in the main city. If players participate in and win enough games in a given week, they will be eligible for arena points.

Arena points are awarded to players at the beginning of the weekly reset and are distributed according to the ranking of players and their teams. Arena points can be used to purchase endgame quality equipment that only high-level PvP players can use. In addition, for players who were at the top of the PvP community at the end of the first season, special titles and rewards are also in order.

At the end of the season, the top 35% of players will receive the title of "Challengers", and the top 10% of players will receive the title of "Opponent". If the player completes in the top 3%, they will be awarded the title of "Dueler". But if a player ranks in the top 0.5 or top 0.1% of all arena players this TBC Classic Gold season, they will be awarded the titles of "Gladiator" and "Hell Gladiator" respectively.

Players who reach the level of "Hell Gladiator" will also receive an exclusive Swift Void Drake mount. If players want to achieve excellent results in the arena, it is very necessary to purchase TBC Classic Gold as long-term support. MMOWTS is a very correct choice. They offer very cheap TBC Classic Gold and deliver it instantly.