Winter ushers in one of my favorite times of year: Parka Season. Unfortunately, here in Chicago the temperatures have only briefly dipped below 35, which in my opinion does not make it cold enough to finally break out the parka. My fellow UChicago students appear to feel very differently about this matter as parkas appeared all across campus the first day below 50.

Despite the company's success the products have not lost their form factor. Canada Goose sells functional products and according to Dani Reiss the CEO of Canada Goose "we have turned down offers to do women's jackets that include more frivolous details or design features. We really don't see ourselves as a fashion brand." Staying true to form has enabled the company to continue to be appreciated for what it does best: making cold weather products that measure up to the test of the harshest winter conditions.

1. The Warmth - It is Canada Goose's warmest jacket that is meant to keep you warm to - 13F, which is CRAZY town. Like that is so cold, and it will still keep you warm.

With this strategy, the number of Canada Goose consumers in the US increased Canada Goose Sale in an increasing rate, but because the base number was small only people who had connections to Europeans and movie crews, the raw number of increase was not significant enough to occupy the mainstream market or bypass the tipping point. However, with the higher and higher exposure on magazines, television, and Internet around 2013, suddenly people got introduced to the brand no longer only by seeing people they actually knew in real life. The public personalities became part of the "neighbors" as well, so more and more people outside of the original clusters began to buy Canada Goose.