The success of Path of Exile Scourge on PC and consoles far surpasses Expedition League. Path of Exile’s circulation has also reached an excellent result, reaching a peak of 254,570 players online, which is 96% of its historical high. Besides the initial feedback and preparations for the host release, Path of Exile team has also prepared some upcoming new events.

The typical turbulence of APRG games accompanied the release of Scourge, and Grinding Gear Games had to disable project links until they released a patch some time ago. The project link caused a problem and caused a crash, so the developer temporarily disabled chat at the beginning and then restored it. The project link is now closed. They are paying close attention to the rest of the performance data released by the PC, and have noticed some balance changes and other ongoing fixes.

One problem the player mentioned is that the deformation bar on the Scourge item is not obvious enough. Players must hover over the mouse to view it, so this needs to be changed. Second, developers need to make certain adjustments to Blood Crucible to make its status more obvious. When players want to kill, don’t want to miss the opportunity to use all of Scourge’s blood. The reason why players are more motivated to play is that the previous boss battles released by Path of Exile on Twitch aroused their POE Currency.

Now, it’s time to fight. Every Path of Exile player is best to POE Currency Buy for the coming of the next grand event. No one doesn’t like to applaud. Let us wait and see.