Offensive Tactics refers to the way your team operates when in possession of the ball. This includes how you build from behind, and what methods your attackers should use outside the enemy’s forbidden zone. And the following will introduce you to the use of Custom Tactic when creating a game.

Balanced: There are a variety of different Build Up Play style combinations for players to choose. You can mix and use the methods you need FUT 22 Coins according to the actual situation.

Fast Build Up: Let your teammates break through at a certain speed, and help you push the ball forward at a certain speed. But once you lose possession of the ball on the way forward, you will have a high probability of being countered by your opponent.

Slow Build Up: When your teammate makes a mistake and shows the ball, it allows you to move out of the third of the court, helping you to slowly get back possession of the ball from behind. But in most cases your opponent will Cheap FIFA Coins not run wildly from behind, but will show the ball face up.

Long Ball: When you have a big target player who can run with the line and a teammate who can pass the ball to each other, then using this command will be very effective.

In the early stages of building the game in FIFA 22, you can use the Custom Tactic above to start the game. But if you want to build a game, it’s not enough to have Custom Tactic. You also need to have enough players to form a team. A good player may need to spend tens of thousands of FIFA 22 Coins, if you lack FIFA 22 Coins to draw player cards. Then UTnice can help you. FIFA 22 Coins is being promoted there. If you buy there, you will get a lot of discounts.